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Solar Insurance Offering Reduces Potential Risks of Underperformance in Solar Power

New insurance products are always being developed to react to potential risks faced by owners and developers.  For example, a reduction in yield can have a significant impact on a solar installation’s financial performance which may not be as a result of any damage suffered.   As a leading provider of insurance products for the renewable energy sector,  Nsure Renewables help companies to better manage the impact a reduction in yield can have on business.

Nsure’s Solar Protect insurance product provides cover for reduction in expected yield due to an installation’s under performance, without the need for proof of negligence or defectiveness to trigger coverage for revenue losses, providing cover for reductions in yield when production falls as a result of, for example, inclement weather, temporary sky obstructions, smoke, or volcanic ash clouds.

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Nsure Client’s solar park battery storage

In a first for the UK energy efficiency market, a solar park owner, energy supplier and energy efficiency solutions company have joined forces to commission one of the country’s first commercial scale battery storage units.

The collaborative project undertaken by Nsure client Farm Power Apollo, in conjunction with Opus Energy and Anesco, has seen a 250kWh battery storage unit connected to Farm Power Apollo’s Slepe Farm solar park in Dorset. The unit will be used to store energy generated by the 498.4 kWp ground-mounted solar installation and released when it is more needed by the National Grid.

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